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Giving up a Pet

Giving up any pet is a hard decision and one not to be taken lightly, although we know life can throw some curve balls, and this can change your circumstances.  Please visit Giving Up Your Pet

Sadly the RSPCA Sunderland, Hartlepool & South Tyneside Branch is unable to provide a rehoming service when owners are no longer able to look after or keep their animals. At this time we do not have the facilities to house animals.


The RSPCA National Society prioritises animals in need who have been brought in as a result of abuse, suffering, cruelty, neglect, or abandonment through the national society's inspectorate or animal rescue officers. 


If you need help rehoming your pet, it may be worthwhile conducting an online search for local rehoming or rescue centres that operate a rehoming service for the type of animal you have, for example, Cats Protection or Dogs Trust.

If you believe your pet’s welfare is at high risk, and you are unable to cope, please call 0300 1234 999.

Did you know? Year after year, the RSPCA helps to treat, care for, rehabilitate, and rehome thousands of domestic animals removed from circumstances of neglect, suffering, and cruelty. This is only possible due to the amazing support from our caring communities.

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