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Emergency Financial Aid

Under some circumstances, the branch can provide emergency funding towards a veterinary consultation and basic treatment (which may include painkillers or antibiotics) for members of the public on a low income. 

Available funding varies case by case and is only considered for the most urgent cases, where an animal’s health or survival is at very high risk and they need to be seen by a vet urgently.


We are unable to provide any funding towards ongoing concerns, where a vet has seen the animal and in instances where they need exploratory procedures and so on.


If you believe your pet is in urgent and immediate need of veterinary assistance and you require support, please call us at the branch number 0191 250 7148.


If you are on low income, and your pet is in need of veterinary care that is not urgent and immediate, but necessary for the future welfare of their health, you may qualify to register with the PDSA. Please call your local PDSA clinic or visit them online for more information.

Did you know: In addition to caring for individual animals, vets also work to protect the health of animal populations? They may conduct research, develop new vaccines and treatments, and help to control the spread of disease. Vets play an essential role in protecting the health of both animals and people.

Dalmatian Dog
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