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Neutering & Microchipping

Why does the RSPCA promote and support pet neutering?


There are a number of important benefits when it comes to having our pets neutered. Depending on the animal type and sex, neutering can prevent scent marking, certain behavioural issues, and messy seasons, as well as some infections and cancers. 


If you are considering having your pet neutered, always speak with your vet first.


Here are the main benefits of having your pet neutered:


  • Prevents pregnancies and related complications

  • Reduces the risks of some cancers and infections, and associated treatment costs

  • Reduces scent marking and roaming

  • Prevents birth defects from mating siblings

  • Helps us tackle the cat and rabbit crisis (an overpopulation of unwanted and stray pets)

  • Reduces the risk of pet theft

Do I qualify for RSPCA vouchers towards the cost of neutering and microchipping? and how much will I be eligible for?


Our vouchers, in most cases, will not cover the full amount of the procedure but offer a set amount towards the final bill. Please speak with your vet about the remaining costs.


Here are the current amounts we are currently able to offer for each procedure:


  • Microchipping for cats, rabbits, ferrets & guinea pigs: £10 voucher

  • Microchipping for dogs: £5 voucher


  • Neutering - Rabbit/Ferret/Guinea pig (Female): £40 voucher

  • Neutering - Rabbit/Ferret/Guinea pig (Male): £35 voucher

  • Neutering - Cat (Female): £35 voucher

  • Neutering - Cat (Male): £25 voucher

  • Neutering - Dog (Female): £60 voucher

  • Neutering - Dog (Male): £50 voucher


Where do I take my pet to be neutered?


You must register with a local, private vet. You can use any vet of your choice, but please do speak with them in advance to confirm with them that they accept RSPCA vouchers.


Vouchers can not be currently used with the PDSA.


You must apply for your vouchers in advance of your pet’s booking. You can not apply for vouchers after the procedure has taken place. 


We cannot provide any funding towards vaccinations, flea or worming treatments. 

Did you know: Neutering can prevent the risk of testicular cancer in males and uterus infections and cancers in females.

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