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Community Liaison Officer

Originally from down south and now an honorary Sunderlander, when Allison joined the branch in 2021, it didn’t take long for the team to see we were in safe hands. Allison is a practicable, forward-thinking doer. A pet owner, animal lover and all-round positive human being, she was the perfect match for helping to rehabilitate and rehome the animals in our care. As part of the team, Allison enthusiastically inspires new ideas, and shares an infectious ‘can-do’ approach. Having moved seamlessly from a rehoming role, to supporting and leading our community hub, no task is off limits. I reckon if you can get up and sing in front of a huge crowd that includes Alfie Boe, you can pretty much do anything!

Her favourite film is: Rocket Man

Her pet peeve is: People who don’t pick up their dogs poop

Her surprising fact is: She appears at the end of a film, (Military Wives) singing!

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