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Fizz: A Cat Adoption Story by Emma Whitelaw

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

In this blog, our social media volunteer, Emma, gives us some insight into what it's

like to adopt a pet - more specifically, her beloved cat, Fizz; how rescuing a cat from

the RSPCA can help the current Cat Crisis in the UK and how there are other ways to

help cats at the RSPCA. Thanks Emma!

Fizz' rescue story

We rescued one year old Fizz from Felledge Animal RSPCA, just outside Chester Le

Street in September 2016. Her story tugged on our heartstrings when we found out

she’d been found living homeless with her kittens to fend for. Her kittens were soon

adopted by loving homes, but Fizz found herself without a home. This tends to

happen as most people want the cute little kittens, often overlooking the mother

who is left behind.

The UK Cat Crisis

Unfortunately, many cats across the country face similar hardships. In 2018, officers

rescued more than 22,000 cats, meaning all of these new cats needed new homes. This process takes a lot of time, dedication and know-how on the part of RSPCA teams and and puts animal shelters under enormous strain.

This is also why the RSPCA encourages those looking for pets to consider adopting them, and why neutering and microchipping is so important. Neutering can prevent unwanted pregnancies, and therefore helps to lessen the amount of cats that are abandoned and need new loving homes. And, or course, microchipping your cat increases the chances that you will be reunited if they ever get lost.

Did you know that having your cats microchipped will become a requirement by law in 2024? To find out more, please click here.

Adopting from the RSPCA - My Experience

We have always rescued as we felt every cat deserves a loving home.

It took a while for Fizz to come out of the cupboard when we first arrived home, but

she soon appeared. She started to trust us a little bit at a time. As she got older, Fizz

became much more laid back and trusting. Even though she still likes her own space,

she does come for a fuss whenever she’s in the mood.

By rescuing a cat, it feels like you are not buying into the kitten breeding culture.

It is so rewarding to see a contented and happy cat curled up next to you on the sofa.

Luckily, she was rescued by the RSPCA or her life could have been very different.

Fizz is not a fan of other cats but if she was, we would rescue a house full of cats as

we love them and we would feel as though we were changing those cat’s life so


More Information:

If you are interested in helping a cat in the RSPCA, there are many options. You can

look at adopting a cat. Here are some links below at how you can do that:

However, we understand that is a big commitment. Here are some other ways you

can help cats:

Get your cat neutered and microchipped. Here are some links below for more


You can also help our branch to raise regular funds that go back into the overall support of local animals in need, as well as community schemes such as our pet food bank, and assisted neutering and microchipping.

Why not become a valued member of our branch, and support us from as little as £24 per year? Visit:

Your amazing kindness gives second chances to animals most in need. From toe-beans to tails, thank you so much.

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