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Branch Manager

A Washington lass, the number one thing to know about Julia is that she has lived with and around pets and animals all of her life, and has a strong empathy towards their wellbeing. So the needs and best interests of animals comes as a natural first port of call for her. Add to this, a keen business-focussed mind, Julia is a relentless ideas champion. For Jules, it’s not about ticking the day to day boxes of running the branch, it’s creating new boxes. In fact, why stop there? Why not create envelopes, ovals, triangles, and all the ticks, squiggles and dots that go along with them? When it comes to animal welfare, one might say that if it ain't broke, don’t try to fix it. Fair. But with Julia, if it ain’t broke, she’ll find a way to help it grow.

Her favourite film is: Elf

Her pet peeve is: Littering

Her surprising fact is: She is a qualified mechanic!

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