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Stanley: A Kitten Rescue & Foster Story

Told by Stanley the kitten, as imagined by Stanley’s guardian, and our very own Animal Welfare Rehoming Coordinator, Alex.

Hello everybody!

My name is Stanley. I am a 9 month old kitten who was rescued by the lovely people at the RSPCA when I was really small. I was lucky enough to go straight into a foster home with my mam and my brothers and sisters – a lot of my friends unfortunately do not get to have that opportunity. I guess that’s why I am here! Hopefully, after telling you all about my life as well as the lives of some of my friends, more people will want to give other cats and kittens the same opportunities as my wonderful foster carer gave me.

I might as well start at the beginning. I can’t remember too much (I was very, very young) however what I do remember is a soft, friendly, human face, with a big black coat with gold bits on, picking me up and snuggling me into their coat. I was cold and wet. My mam did everything she could to keep us warm and safe, but she could only do so much for us, as we were left alone, without a human guardian.

The kind human then picked up my brothers and sister and put them with me. I was wrapped up in a soft, fluffy towel in a basket. I kept looking at my mam and she kept telling me, ‘it is ok. It is all going to be ok’. I knew then, I was safe. The friendly human gently picked up my mam, put her in the basket with us and put us in the big, toasty van.

So that’s how I got rescued. How did I get into a foster home? Well let me tell you!

The RSPCA sometimes have foster carers on speed dial – this is so when situations arise, those who may need a little extra TLC and specialist care have a safe, warm, quiet and calm place to go. This is particularly useful for us kittens, and cats who are very frightened or nervous. I have heard from my friends that the cattery is also a brilliant, temporary home for cats like me; taken out of a dangerous situation, and given food, shelter and care, until we find a forever family. But for kittens like me, it is really important to be able to play and roam and learn in a homely environment. It helps us socialise and learn more easily how to behave around other cats and humans. Growing up in a cattery makes that a little bit harder for us, being so young. The cattery is also full of smells and sounds that can sometimes make nervous cats really stressed. So having foster carers on hand to offer round the clock care, is such a special and important thing for cases like that.

My mam, myself and my brothers and sisters were so lucky to go straight into a foster home. That’s why it’s important for the RSPCA to have as many people on speed-dial as possible!

Before we were rescued, my poor mam had to go days without food, while trying to make sure we were fed and kept safe. But now we had food, fresh water, toys, beds and a lovely warm place to feel safe. We also had this thing called a litter tray. My mam taught us how to use it. Once I got the hang of it I loved it! It was so clean, and the messy stuff would just disappear, so then it was free and clean for toileting again! More than all of that, we got love. We got cuddles and playtime. My mam could get a break from us because our foster carers made sure we were always entertained and tired us out for nap times.

Here is a photo of me and my mam in our foster home. She was giving me a bath after I had been playing with my favourite toy.

Because I was lucky enough to be found with my mam and siblings, she took care of us, and our foster carers helped to make sure we were safe, fed and healthy. We had our own room with all of our toys and beds in. It was nice because whenever one of us was feeling overwhelmed, we had our own space to relax and stay calm.

After I had been in my foster home for some time, I was then ready to go to a forever home. I’m not going to lie, this was a little bit scary. I hadn’t been without my mam and siblings ever before in my life! But one thing my foster home taught me was that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I am brave and I am so loveable. With that in mind, I sat for my photo and did my best pose to show the wonderful world of humans just how handsome I am!

I was adopted by a family who already had pets. They already had a dog and a cat, and after losing their other cat unexpectedly, there was a space for a well deserving soul… Me!

I am now a happy, cheeky, loving little boy who was lucky enough to be given a chance in life. Not only because the RSPCA rescued me, but because of my amazing foster carer and their lovely, safe home. I learnt important behaviours and social skills, as well as boundaries of being in a home. I was always safe and warm and it was so quiet and peaceful. It was exactly what I needed as a tiny, growing kitten.

RSPCA Sunderland, Hartlepool & South Tyneside are in desperate need of emergency foster carers. We need people, just like my foster family, to welcome cats and kittens like us into their home, temporarily, so we can have the best start in life.

If you have a spare room, a quiet home and even no other pets (sometimes this is best!) please consider contacting the RSPCA Sunderland, Hartlepool & South Tyneside Branch. We have a brand new cattery, so there will always be a safe place for my friends to go, however like I said, a foster home is always a better option, particularly for kittens and nervous cats.

You will gain experience and skills, as well as new friends. Most importantly, you will know you have made such a difference to an individual’s little life.

For more infomration, please email

Or you can phone us –

0191 250 7148

Even if you aren’t sure you or your home would be a suitable foster home, please get in touch with us regardless. The lovely RSPCA humans will have a chat with you and let you know.

Thank you so much everyone for reading my first ever blog post! I will be back with more, but I wanted to get the important stuff out there first. Please help us help my friends. Little kittens like me need the care and love of dedicated foster carers. If you can, please be one.

Lots and lots of kitten love,