Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside Branch

A happy ending for Biscuit, Rolo, Daisy and Sonny

20161027_173346-1The RSPCA received a call about four feral  kittens in a garden in South Shields. Unfortunately the mother had died and the kittens were about 7 weeks old.

Inspector Rowena Proctor fostered the kittens herself, taking them home and socialising them with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, while the Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside branch covered their vaccinations, vet visits and treatment for flu like symptoms.

Rowena said: “They were then all re-homed via the Newcastle branch and all have lovely lives now. I still get to see pictures of them in their new homes which is lovely. Most are in homes with dogs thanks to their early socialisation and are all doing really well. Two of them were re-homed in the same street, two doors apart so will still see each other too!”

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