Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside Branch

Donate to help Bloo the Bulldog see again

Bloo the BulldogWe’re reaching out to our loyal supporters to ask for some help to save a special dog.

Bloo the bulldog  was picked up by one of our RSPCA inspectors in Sunderland, when his owner could no longer cope and Bloo was suffering badly with mange.

Bloo is suffering from entropia – an eye condition – and needs surgery to fix it. It’s an unpleasant condition, as his eyelashes are growing into his eyes.

We’re trying to raise £500 to pay for his surgery. Help us out by donating via JustGiving.Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 21.43.51

Bloo is just one example of the way we use donations to help animals in your local area.

Please note that any money raised over and above the surgery costs will be used for other animals in need, in the Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside area.