Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside Branch

Charity Shop Chic

It’s finally time to banish the idea that charity shops only have clothes that are out of style. Fashion always comes around, and that a few staple pieces in your wardrobe like a leather jacket or shirt will always come in handy. You can team them with any outfit, no matter the season.

Fashion is for everyone. No matter your age, shape or size and is definitely not determined by your bank balance.

Our charity shops regularly have quality clothes passing through the door, from high street clothing to designer goods at a bargain price.

We even have a selection of ball gowns, perfect for anyone that has their prom coming up this summer.

Prom season can be expensive, but a beautiful gown doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Especially since you’re probably only going to wear it once! If you want to save your money but still look great, have a look at some of the ball gowns we’ve had in lately. 

If you do grab one of our lovely dresses be sure to send us your photos in them, we’d love to share them on our Facebook page!

Although it’s against everything us northern girls know sometimes you just have to wear a coat! We have an array of winter coats, perfect to throw over any party outfit for when you’re braving the winter air.

We always have dresses to match any age, shape and size.

Don’t forget we also have accessories, so even if you don’t find an outfit for you then have a look at our bags or we have plenty of jewellery to jazz up any outfit you already own.

Top tips for charity shop shopping 

  • Don’t think old, think vintage.
  • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  • Try it on- we have a changing room, make use of it!
  • Look in the men’s section, men’s over size jumpers can be great for completing that layered look.