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Welcome to Buddy Blogs!

Hey, I’m Buddy.

I’m pretty little, but I’m pretty smart.

They call me ‘Good Boy’ all the time, like a million and five times all in one minute, at home. I think. I don’t think I know numbers. But I know ‘Good Boy’, for sure. Mostly, I’m ‘Good Boy Buddy’ when I do things like not pee in the kitchen, or when I plonk my little bum on the floor for nom noms.

I like having naps after I play with my friends, especially Poppy Dora.

I’m learning how to be the best boy I can. I think this means doing my pees and poos outside, and not getting too excited when I see new humans or thingies with furs and feathers in my garden.

Usually I want to jump and jump and jump, because I’m excited when I meet new humans. But when I get too excited, I can also feel quite worried and not comfy, and then I get really worn out. I think my humans know this too, because I don’t get any belly tickles from new humans until I feel not so scared and can put my bum down on the floor or in my bed.

So I’m learning to get excited in a more chilled out way, so that I’m more happy and so the humans give me nice tickles and noms.

My humans are the BEST! I think they are aaaall good boys! I want to be just like them. But I don’t always find them easy to understand – their barks and sniffs sound weird and not like mine at all. So, it’s really nice that they are patient with me when I get confused or make accidents.

There are some big things in my house that make big noises too. So, my humans let me sniff them when they’re still and not making big noises. That way, they’re not so scary after all.

There’s so much to learn.

So, my humans want me to share how I learn and how they help me learn. And now I have my very own blog with RSPCA Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside: The “Buddy-good-best-boy-ever-especially-for-noms-blog” …but I think they like to call it Buddy Blogs because they’re not as smart as me and they don’t have the proper bark sounds like I do.

So, hello blog, hello humans, here I am. I’m Buddy. Watch me grow up into a big boy, and come with me on my exciting journey.

See you next time, and we will both be excited in a chilled way so we can be friends forever and ever.

Love and waggy tails,

Buddy x