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Buddy Blogs 2 – Everything!

Woofs! It’s me, Buddy! I’ve got sooo much to tell you about being a good boy, and the best, most excellent boy, but also a cheeky monkey, I think. Which is weird, because monkeys don’t have waggy tails. But my humans think ‘cheeky monkey’ is my name sometimes. I keep them right though, when I say, “Bark, woof, snuffle!” My name is Buddy!

Anyway, the humans at the worky place called RSPCA Sumlan, Hearty-pool and South Shiney-time said that some other bestest humans did a vote to say that they’d like to hear all about me making new friends. I think my humans call it socialising. Well, I can’t wait to tell you all about it but, someone said socialising maybe isn’t the bestest sort of update at the moment. Instead, we are all staying at one of my favourite places ever ever: Home! Here with my humans and the other little fury ones who I think I am bigger than, who live here too. So instead, I am going to write about everything.

Everything 1: I really like my ‘safe-place-do-not-disturby-haven-cushions’. I think this is called bed! It’s warm and cosy and I like having nap times there, and bringing my squish toys with me to play. I think bed is one of the excellentest things about home.

Everything 2: I like listening to the sky cheeps in my garden. I’m not tall enough to chase them, but I will be one day. One day I will be as tall as the big tree that they sit on when they are having a rest. Then I can chase them and they might teaches me how to cheeps like them. Also, the big dogs over the garden wall, called sheeps – their barks are weird. But my mam seems to speak the same language when they peep over the wall. She speaks sheeps bark! I think I will learn too, one day.

Everything 9: I don’t know how to count. I’m Buddy!

Everything something: I like playing with my fur family when I’m not playing with my humans. I think I always win when we play games. I don’t think they know that I win, but I do, because I’m the bestest at everything.

Everything socks: I like humans feets. I don’t think they are the toys I thought they were when I was littler. But they are still very fun to tap with my paws and snuffle with my nose. I like to snuffle things. that’s one of my favourite things to do. It helps me find the treats when I snuffle. Even when my humans try to hide the treats, I find them, and then I’m always ‘Good boy!’

Everything 1, again: Snuffling with my nose.

Everything bed: Naps and bed and naps and snooze naps and human bed. And naps.

Everything toys: I love my toys. And I think they love me, even though I always win when we play, because I’m Buddy! I have lots of chewy toys to help when my teeths are growing big, now that I’m getting to be big boy Buddy!

And that’s everything. I’ll be back with more everythings soon. Until then, be like me, Buddy – and stay at home, it really is the bestest place!

Woofs – bye for now! Your friend, Buddy x