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Buddy’s Blog 3: The Humans Are Learning!

Buddy’s Blog 3: The Humans are Learning!

Hi! It’s me – Buddy!

I’m back, and I’m famous now. Look how handsome my new logo is. One of the RSPCA Sumlan, Hearty-pool and South Shiney-time arty people made this just for me. Her name is Abbie, and she is one of the excellent people we call volunteers. Woofs for Abbie! High Paw!

But enough about the humans because, look! It’s me again, the bestest, good boy ever, Buddy!

I’m here to share some more things from my everythings list. Today, I can tell you about my learning things. I am always learning, because I’m just little Buddy …for now. But I think even big boy Buddy will enjoy learning things because new things can be the funnest. My mam and dad think it’s a good idea for me to tell everyone about my learning things, because they are learning with me, and it might be helpful for all the other Buddys and mams and dads out there. So, here goes! (With a very waggy tail).

Learning 1: Noms-puzzles and toys

I’m Buddy, so I loves all the noms and the toys. And sometimes they are all at the same time. My mam and dad are helping me learn how to use my amazing boop-nose to sniff out the treats, and then to work out where they are hidden. Sometimes I’m really, really the smartest, and I get them straight away. But the humans are learning too, because they know how to make the puzzle trickier (and more interesting) for me, Buddy! So, I have to work hard, and it helps me to use loads of energy and to feel really, really good when I sus out where the noms are hidden.

Fun Buddy Fact: Often, a puzzle game can be even more mentally stimulating than a walk.

You can see me with my puzzles and toys in the video of me – where I’m famous. Famous Buddy! The humans have also helped other Buddys by sharing some fun puzzle noms games, here.

Learning 2: Sometimes, don’t be chasing the other fluffs

There are other four-legged fluffs in my house. I love to chase them, and play. And sometimes, they are sitting on my chair, or looking at me funny, so I want to bark at them and tell them who’s boss. But my humans are also learning with me, and they are helping me to learn when to not be woofing at the fluffs.

They use funny sounds and help me find other fun things to do when I think I’m the king. (I’m secretly the king, but I will play along with the humans and the other fluffs, because I’m the goodest, bestest boy!) The other little-leg fluffs are my friends, but I think they’re not as smart as me, so I’m trying to be nice to them and I’m learning to know when to just be chilled out Buddy with them so they don’t get their scratchers out. Hey, me and the guys are in the video together, too!

Learning 3: I want to, but might not want to

Oh wow, this was so weird. My water bowl got all big and squashy, and it had one of my squeak-squish toys in it. Aaand, it was outside on the green floor where the sky cheeps fly over. My mam was asking me to go get the squeak, but I didn’t really want to.

Why was my water bowl looking all silly? I’m brave. Buddy the brave. So, I was gunna get my squeak toy, but then I had more important Buddy things to do, so I ran away. I wasn’t scared though. You can see in the video.

…I was a bit scared.

Learning 4: Is it scary?

OK, so I think some things are scary. Like the see-through, human water bowl (plastic bottle), and the growly snake (vacuum), and the big roar monster outside (tractor). But my mam and dad let me be free and explore or run away if I want to. They don’t really say anything. They look happy and sometimes even not bothered at all by the growling, roaring things. So that helps me learn that they might not be so scary at all. And that makes me feel so, so much better. And then, when I learn that they’re not so scary, sometimes they’re even fun – especially the see-through bowl.

My humans have said that they will tell all the other mams and dads what all of this Buddy learning is about. So, they say to go here for more. See, my humans are learning just like me, Buddy! Because while I learn all their silly noises and sounds, they learn mine too. Sometimes mine are very small and very fast. I use my booper, my blinkers, my wagger, and my whole body to tell my humans when I’m happy, I’m scared, or even when I’m frustrated and would like them to leave me alone. Sometimes I get a bit worried when things come too close to my neck, under my booper. And, because I can use my Buddy language, and my humans are taking the time to learn it – we work out other ways to play, and ways to help me, Buddy, feel safe and relaxed. It’s just the best when I know I can be my smartest, cutest Buddy self! Because I’m aaawesome!

Buddy Fact 2: Body language signals from dogs can be very subtle and can happen very quickly so, in some cases, certain language can be mistaken for other things such as aggression or guarding. So, it’s important that we take notice of what they are trying to communicate. If your dog is communicating fear or worry in any given situation, take the time to observe why this might be. Especially if their behaviour has changed (either over time, or within seconds). Think: what is different for my dog now? Could it be an environmental change (new person in the home, a move, new sounds/sights etc), is the behaviour consistent with a specific action such as feeding (being around food), during play, petting, etc. Perhaps their language changes when you’re petting a certain area of the body, such as the ears, neck, back, etc. Your dog will give you signs and signals if they are uncomfortable. It is important that you ‘listen’ and do your best to understand what they might be trying to communicate.

Back to Buddy! While you’re here, check me out, Buddy – starring in my very own YouTube video, where you can see all of my learnings in action!

See you next time! Lots of waggy tails, snuffles and woofs!

Your friend,