Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside Branch

Bird is the Word for RSPCA Inspectors

RSPCA Inspectors were involved in two rescues of our feathered friends recently:

IMG_20170105_155631Rescued Falcon 

This falcon somehow ended up tangled around a tree in Sunderland. Luckily he was ringed and following his rescue he was reunited with his owners on the same day.

Catch the Pigeon!IMG_20170106_140711

This Pigeon was rescued from Washington, smaller than a pear and with no feathers.

He was covered in fly eggs, filling his little ear holes and mouth and was very limp.

Inspector Rowena Proctor said: “He had fallen from his nest and i thought he wouldn’t make it. I took him home for the night, cleaned all the fly eggs away, fed him and kept him warm. The photo of him is about four weeks later. He was then released back into the wild once he had learnt to fly.”

IMG_20160908_111330726Lucky Owl

This owl was found in Sunderland and ringed to the National History Museum, it’s legs wouldn’t work but he received vet treatment and was released again.


Silksworth Swans RescuedIMG_20161125_142746

These swans are from Silksworth Lake, Sunderland. Four youngsters and their two parents were rescued following an accidental oil leak. They spent three weeks in the care of vets and at Stapeley Grange, Cheshire where they recovered and then taken back to Sunderland .


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