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  1. Vacancy: Social Media and Website Volunteer

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    Do you have a flair for social media, website content and all things digital marketing? Would you like to put your skills to use while also helping animal welfare in your local area?

    We are looking for a Social Media and Website Coordinator to help us reach out to the community, spread news about our activity and raise awareness of animal welfare in the Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside area.

    Take a look at the job description here: Social Media and Website Co-ordinator JD

    Please send your CV for this post to before midnight on Friday 29 September.

  2. Your donations help Hercules regain his strength

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    HerculesYour donations helped us fund an operation for Hercules, a gelding from Peterlee, removing a football-sized lump from his jaw.

    The four-year-old had surgery to remove the lump and was stitched back up. During the surgery, a hairy mass was found inside the lump which also had to be removed.

    To see the extent of the operation, follow this link to see a photograph of the mass being removed. WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: See image.

    Hercules is on pain relief and antibiotics but doing really well and on his way to making a full recovery. 

    This operation cost £700. We can only help local animals like Hercules with your generous donations. Find out how to donate to your local RSPCA branch.

  3. Volunteer Coordinator Vacancy

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    rspca volunteeringRSPCA Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside Branch have a vacancy for a  volunteer coordinator role.

    The successful candidate, who will take up this unpaid, voluntary role, will act as a central contact point for current and potential volunteers. They will also welcome new volunteers to the branch/centre and co-ordinate the volunteer effort.

    This will be an excellent role for you to make a difference to animal welfare in your area while also building valuable skills and experience.

    Please email with a CV and Cover Letter to apply.

    Closing Date: Monday 22 May 2017

    Role Profile: volunteer coordinator role

    Contact: and 0191 250 7148


  4. Snakes Alive!

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    It’s not just cats and dogs that our inspectors are called to take in.

    These lovely snakes came into RSPCA care recently when their owner was jailed and and asked us to come and take them in. They had been very well cared for and were offered up for rehoming after a health check.

    There you have it – not all of our rescue and rehoming stories involve cute, cuddly and fluffy animals!

    Rescued snakes


  5. Court Report – Neglected Pony

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    Neglected Pony Neglected PonyA couple from Sunderland have been fined and been forced to hand their pony over to the RSPCA, following an investigation into animal neglect.

    The magistrates’ pointed out that it was clear from the photographs they had seen, that the pony was suffering due to marks on its neck, however, its general condition was good and they had taken that into consideration when sentencing.

    The couple were fined £120, costs £150, vet’s fees £34 and victim surcharge £30. They were also banned from owning horses for a minimum of five years.

    Find out more about RSPCA prosecutions.

  6. Seal rescue in Sunderland

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    Trapped Seal rescued in HendonA seal was rescued from a perilous position on Hendon Beach after being trapped in rocks for four hours.

    ACO Bryan Moffitt attended the incident and came across a juvenile grey seal weighing about 15kgs, jammed between the rocks and a slipway. It was above the tide line, and appears it was probably washed over by a large wave which pushed it over into a crevasse.

    Bryan said: “Members of the public had tried to rescue it, however it was very feisty, and quite rightly they thought better of it. I used a dog catch pole which was placed around the body of the seal and gently lifted it out, kicking and screaming. I quickly released it and the seal flip-flopped down the slip way, back into the North Sea.”

    Nice work, Bryan!

  7. Branch helps local cats

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    Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside branch regularly help our feline friends, supporting our inspectors’ work by funding treatment and helping rescued cats find their forever homes.
    We paid to have this cat shaven and neutered and he was then promptly re-homed through Newcastle branch.

    The Sunderland branch has also supported some of the inspectors with neutering in multi-cat households in the area, alongside flea treating and worming as well as the neutering and treatment of several stray cats – including many males with abscesses and fight wounds.

    Find out how to support our work in your area.

  8. Bird is the Word for RSPCA Inspectors

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    RSPCA Inspectors were involved in two rescues of our feathered friends recently:

    IMG_20170105_155631Rescued Falcon 

    This falcon somehow ended up tangled around a tree in Sunderland. Luckily he was ringed and following his rescue he was reunited with his owners on the same day.

    Catch the Pigeon!IMG_20170106_140711

    This Pigeon was rescued from Washington, smaller than a pear and with no feathers.

    He was covered in fly eggs, filling his little ear holes and mouth and was very limp.

    Inspector Rowena Proctor said: “He had fallen from his nest and i thought he wouldn’t make it. I took him home for the night, cleaned all the fly eggs away, fed him and kept him warm. The photo of him is about four weeks later. He was then released back into the wild once he had learnt to fly.”

    IMG_20160908_111330726Lucky Owl

    This owl was found in Sunderland and ringed to the National History Museum, it’s legs wouldn’t work but he received vet treatment and was released again.


    Silksworth Swans RescuedIMG_20161125_142746

    These swans are from Silksworth Lake, Sunderland. Four youngsters and their two parents were rescued following an accidental oil leak. They spent three weeks in the care of vets and at Stapeley Grange, Cheshire where they recovered and then taken back to Sunderland .


    Learn more about RSPCA Inspectors’ work in your area.

  9. A happy ending for Biscuit, Rolo, Daisy and Sonny

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    20161027_173346-1The RSPCA received a call about four feral  kittens in a garden in South Shields. Unfortunately the mother had died and the kittens were about 7 weeks old.

    Inspector Rowena Proctor fostered the kittens herself, taking them home and socialising them with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, while the Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside branch covered their vaccinations, vet visits and treatment for flu like symptoms.

    Rowena said: “They were then all re-homed via the Newcastle branch and all have lovely lives now. I still get to see pictures of them in their new homes which is lovely. Most are in homes with dogs thanks to their early socialisation and are all doing really well. Two of them were re-homed in the same street, two doors apart so will still see each other too!”

    Find out how to support our work rescuing animals in you area.


  10. Could you be a Wildlife Casualty Volunteer?

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    The RSPCA are looking to recruit Wildlife Casualty Volunteers in South Shields, Hartlepool and Newcastle.


    RSPCA Wildlife casualty volunteers support the vital front line work of our Inspectorate. Volunteers are trained to collect and transport (and release where appropriate), sick, injured, suffering birds and small mammals and take them to RSPCA premises or appropriate veterinary establishments. 

    Can you help? Find out more!